New Horizons of Human Development

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Ananta Kumar Giri
2015, 596pp
Hardcover, 9788193033357
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While there is a renewed engagement with the discourse of development in our present-day world both in their critical as well as valorized manifestations, very rarely have some of the fundamental challenges as well as pathways of renewal been explored. This book addresses these gaps in our knowledge and research by bringing together essays on topics such as self-development, co-learning, co-responsibility, aesthetic ethics, creativity, conviviality, human security, peace and social quality etc. together.  New Horizons of Human Development is not only a pioneering but also a monumental effort in our field of thinking, practice and collaborative imagination which raises some of these vital and deeper questions of human development and then overflows to an epochal and epic quest for rethinking and regenerating life, culture, society, polity and our fragile humanity.  This book will be an enriching co-traveler for all friends from a wide range of paths of exploration in the academy–sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, development studies, cultural studies and religious studies–as well as across it—activists, citizens and seeking souls of the world.

Dr. Ananta Kumar Giri is on the faculty of the Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India.

Pranjali Bandhu, Marcus Bussey, Alain Caille´, John Clammer, Thomas Hylland Eriksen,
Des Gasper, Andrea Grieder, Lois Holzman, Suman Makhaik Karla, Reinhart Kösler,
Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, Habibullah Magsi, Ivan Marquez, Mahendra Kumar Mishra, Manoranjan Mohanty, Parthasarathi Mondal, Marian Moya, Shilpa Ashok Pandit,
Anthony Savari Raj, V. J. Byra Reddy, Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt, Nirmal Selvamony,
R. Shanthini, Subhash Sharma, Prahlad Shekhawat, Reeta Sonawat, Piet Strydom,
Joseph Tharamangalam, André Torre, Thanh-Dam Truong, Philip Quarls van Ufford,
Frédéric Vandenberghe, Alan Walker

Introduction and Invitation: New Horizons of Human Development – Self-Development, Inclusion of the Other and Planetary Realizations
Ananta Kumar Giri

I. New Horizons of Human Development: Renewing our Modes of Thinking

1 A Moral Critique of Development: Ethics, Aesthetics and Responsibility
Ananta Kumar Giri & Philip Quarles van Ufford
2 Development Beyond Teleology: Between Policies and Evolution
Reinhart Kosler
3 Progress, Development and Practical Erasure
Parthasarathi Mondal
4 Development as Cultural Innovation: Some Cross-Cultural Considerations
Anthony Savari Raj
5 Towards a New Social Vision: The Calling of Sacro-Civic Society and Harmonic Globalization for New Earth Sastra
Subash Sharma
6 Human Development and Progress as True Happiness
Prahlad Shekhawat
7 Multiple Intelligence Wheels for Holistic Development
Reeta Sonawat
8 Rethinking Sustainable Development: Self-Development, Social Transformations and Planetary Realizations
Ananta Kumar Giri

II. New Horizons of Human Development: Peace, Knowledge, Human Security and Social Quality

9 Peace and Development in J.C. Koomarappa’s Thoughts
Pranjali Bandhu
10 Social Development and Peace
John Clammer
11 Liberating Development from Itself: The Politics of Local Knowledge
John Clammer and Marian Moya
12 Use Of Local Knowledge In Elementary Education For A Culturally Responsive Learning
Mahendra Kumar Mishra
13 Risking Security: Paradoxes of Social Cohesion
Thomas Hyland Eriksen
14 Being Dynamism Approach to Inequality and Human Development
V.J.R. Byra
15 Human Security and Social Quality: Contrasts and Complementarities
Des Gasper, Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, Thanh-Dam Truong and Alan Walker
16 Land use conflicts and human development nexus: proximity analysis
Habibullah Magsi and André Torre
17 Beyond Investors’ Prayers: Systemic Failure of Capitalism and Alternatives to It
Johannes D. Schmidt
18 From Problem Solving to World Creation: The Case of Risk Communication
Piet Strydom

III. New Horizons of Human Development: Cross-Cultural Learning, Social Suffering and Challenges of New Co-Realizations

19 Rethinking the Human and the Social: Towards a Multiverse of Transformations
Ananta Kumar Giri
20 Three Approaches to Liberation in Latin America: Theology, Philosophy and Pedagogy
Ivan Marquez
21 Human Development as Transformative Practice: Lessons from Kerala and Cuba
Joseph Tharamangalam
22 Transformation by Barbarity and Beauty
Andrea Grieder
23 Creating Stages for Development: A Learning Community with Many Tasks and No Goal
Lois Holzman
24 Samarasya: Stories of Interpersonal Transformations in Indian Psychology
Shilpa Ashok Pandit
25 Human Development and Ecological Consciousness in the Novels of Margaret Atwood
Suman Karla
26 Nature and the Human in the 21st Century
Manoranjan Mohanty
27 Suffering, Solidarity and Joy: The Story of Maggie
R. Shanthini
28 Eco-rights and Responsibility
Nirmal Selvamony
29 Transformative Information: Microvita and Sense-Making in an Co-Creative Universe
Marcus Bussey
30 Convivialist Manifesto: A Declaration of Interdependence and Beyond
Claude Alphandéry


Development initially narrowly understood as “economic” development graduated to “social” development incorporating cultural and political dimensions. New Horizons of Human Development edited by Ananta Kumar Giri broadens the scope of the concept of human development which hinges on human welfare. It is an index of the constant quest of the editor who challenges the status-quo in generating and disseminating knowledge.
Professor T.K. Oommen,
Emeritus Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and President, International Sociological Association (1990-1994).

This is a very stimulating volume urging us to look beyond modernization theory and the prevailing development discourse. Coming from different perspectives and disciplines, the authors of the book agree on the necessity of finding a new approach to development, which locates the human being in the centre of attention. Anyone interested in an alternative future should read this book.
Professsor Boike Rehbein,
Humboldt University, Berlin.

This volume is an inspiring collection of chapters written by researchers from different countries. Thus, “a festival of dialogues” to which the volume is to take its reader, begins with a festival of intellectual traditions, the variety of which is manifested by its authors themselves. The volume is really very dialogical in itself: the reader is present at an implicit philosophic dialogue between the contributors. Eventually, in a sense, this volume is very optimistic: it confirms and reaffirms the fundamental role of creativity and cultural variability in the contemporary world.
Professsor Dmitri M. Bondarenko
Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences & Russian State University for the Humanities.