Applied Ethics: Some Dimensions

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S.D. Chamola
2017, xvi+454pp
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Applied ethics is a field of ethics that deals with ethical questions specific to a professional, disciplinary, or practical field. There is ample literature available on ethics but there is scarcity of literature as how to apply the principles of ethics in solving the problems of contemporary world. The main objective of the book is how to apply principles and theories of ethics in day-to-day life in our ordinary business of life. There are numerous dimensions of ethics but it is not possible to discuss all of them. Some important subsets of applied ethics are discussed in the book.

First, what are the principles of ethics and how ethics is associated with religion, law, science and technology? Second, the present world is facing grave issues such as climate change, population explosion, Corruption and violence, globalisation problems etc. How these issues can be resolved ethically. Third, all the countries of the world are engaged in rapid economic development of their economies. How this can be done ethically.

The main aim behind this book is that the Individuals, Societies, Corporations, Countries and the entire world should be run on ethical lines. This alone will endure happiness and well-being of all.

Dr. S.D Chamola, Retired Professor, Department of Economics and Management, CCS Hisar Agricultural University and Independent Researcher based in Hisar, Haryana, India.

1. Introduction

I Applied Ethics and Related Issues

2. Ethics in Theory and Practice
3. Applied Ethics
4. Ethical Theories: Traditional and Emerging
5. Religion and Morality

II Ethics and Values

6. Ethics, Social Values and Happiness
7. Virtue Ethics and Religious Traditions to Enforce Principles of Ethics into Practise
8. Ethics, Religion, Science and Technology

III Bioethics

9. Bioethics: Meaning and Concept
10. Law, Ethics and Bio-Ethics
11. Veterinary and Animal Ethics

IV Economics and Business Ethics

12. Economics And Ethics
13. Marketing Ethics
14. Business Ethics: Concept And Definitions
15. Ethics in Finance and Accounting
16. Global Ethics and Globalisation
17. Economic Development and Ethics: Indian Experience since Independence

V Agricultural Ethics

18. Agricultural Ethics: Principles and Scope
19. Ethical Foundations of Organic Farming

VI Ethical Governance

20. Governance And Ethics
21. Ethical Governance and How to Ensure it
22. Ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept and Indian Initiatives

VII Ethics of Justice and Law

23. Ethics and Principles of Justice
24. Ethics of Legal System in India

VIII Climate Ethics

25. Climate Ethics
26. Ethics of Green Production, Green Consumption and Green Marketing

IX Some Social Issues

27. Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences
28. Contemporary Concerns in Medical Ethics in India
29. Research Ethics in Education
30. The Values of Library and Information Science
31. Population Ethics
32. Profession And Professional Ethics
33. Organisational Ethics