Back to Basics: A J.C. Kumarappa Reader

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P. Bandhu
Paperback, 9788190061551
Rs. 795.00

This volume puts together selected writings by the Gandhian economist, J.C. Kumarappa (1892-1960). The selection covers themes as Kumarappa’s economic thought, politics of anti-imperialism and world peace, views on Christianity, ideas about education, science, agriculture and the land question, village economy and large scale industries, and on the socialist models presented by the then Soviet Union and the Peoples’s Republic of China. Self-reliance and sustainability – an economy of permanence – form the hallmark of his oeuvre.

His writings are of particular relevance in the contemporary context of aggressive neo-liberal economics being executed by global corporations with national governments in the role of able facilitators.

Dr. P. Bandhu, Freelance Researcher and Writer, and Founding Member of South Asia Study Center, Nilgris, India.