Clinical Trials

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Rabinarayan Dash
2017, 88pp
Paperback, 9789385883392
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Dr. Rabinarayan Dash is a physician by trait and a poet by heart. His poems reflect a rare combination of situational vulnerabilities associated with clinical trials and a penetrating ethical imagination that goes beyond them, capturing the extraordinary nature and depth of a physician’s responsibility towards his patients. “Clinical Trials” is a stunning expression of a physician’s quest for finding his moral compass while applying it. A must read, both in terms of its lucid literary style and humanity.

Dr. Rajesh C. Shukla, Associate Professor & Director of School of Public Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy & Human Sciences, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada


In the opinion, “Clinical Trials” is a great book. It will be an inspiration to all who read it. It should be required for all doctors!!

Dr. Alvin F. Wells, MD, PhD Rheumatology & Immunotherapy Center, Chicago, USA

I really, really enjoyed your chariots of pain and solace.

Frederic  Vandenberghe, Prof of Sociology, Rio de Janeiro State University,

Rabinarayan Dash is an accomplished and prolific poet and author who has published creative works in English, Swedish and Oriya. His works have appeared in numerous literary magazines, newspapers and published collections.