Combating Social Exclusion: Inter-sectionalities of Caste, Gender, Class and Regions

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Rajesh K. Chander
2019, 280pp
Hardbound, 9789385883583
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This book attempts to make a holistic assessment and a humble intervention on the prevalent multiple social exclusion of dalits. The study is based in modern India, with a focus on Punjab in particular. It further substantiates that how caste and other exclusions are a lived reality. Challenging entrenched ideas, it uses multi-disciplinary perspectives/methodologies and lived experiences to comprehend dalits social exclusion, inter-sectionalities and social inequalities. It further interrogates linkages between key determinants, like, landlessness, educational attainment, asset ownership, gender discrimination, caste-based segregation and discrimination, employment, economic activity, development, state intervention policy, untouchability, political exclusion, diaspora effect, parallel sites of assertion, dalit consciousness, heterogeneities amongst dalits with social exclusion/inclusion. The salient feature of the book that it has covered all the regions of the state and 15 out of the total 39 scheduled castes.

Drawing on Mixed Methods approach, multi-regional fieldwork and bottom-up perspective, this volume puts forward a perceptive analysis. It will be of great interest to researchers working in the fields of Social Exclusion, Sociology, Gender Studies, Dalit Studies, Caste Studies, Social Anthropology, Indian Politics, Economics, Public Administration, Public Policy, Social Work, Human Rights, Rural Development, Life Long Learning, Development Studies, Laws, and Police Administration.

Rajesh K. Chander, Senior Faculty, D.C.W.S.D., Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has also taught as an Associate Professor, Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.