Cracking Into Super Brains With 6000 Supreme Quotes

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Vivek Mathur
2017, 556pp
Paperback, 9789385883422
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About the Book

Through this book “CRACKING INTO SUPER BRAINS WITH 6000 SUPREME QUOTES” the golden words and thoughts of the personalities, who have created a niche for themselves in the society not only through their words and thoughts but through their actions as well, have been served in a platter The idea is to prompt the readers to believe in them and to make the most of them by catching up with all the opportunities coming their way and to face those challenges boldly and sensibly which life puts before them.

The book will definitely aid in creating the readers’ life exactly the way they want it to be. As John Ruskin has said, “A book worth reading is worth buying.” The readers are assured that every page of the book is capable of helping them in their individual uplifting and building of a positive self-image.

Vivek Mathur, an accountant by profession, resigned from job for passion of writing and have been working as a Content Writer. He has interest in Healing thru Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis and have attended seminars of various Hypnotists and have also trained the staff of few small organisations on the topics such as Motivation, Confidence Building etc. His two books “Hypnosis As A Healer” and “Live-in Relationship – Sex And Beyond” have been published previously. This work is simply the continuation of his habit to share the knowledge gathered through different experiences with the entire humanity.


SECTION 1 Attitude And Action
SECTION 2 Art And Culture
SECTION 3 Character And Courage
SECTION 4 Challenge And Motivation
SECTION 5 Education And Learning
SECTION 6 Gratitude And Obligation
SECTION 7 Health And Happiness
SECTION 8 Hope And Prayer
SECTION 9 Inspiration And Confidence
SECTION 10 Life And Time
SECTION 11 Love And Desire
SECTION 12 Money And Material
SECTION 13 Morality And Humanity
SECTION 14 Nature And God
SECTION 15 Peace And Friendship
SECTION 16 Politics And Opportunity
SECTION 17 Relationship And Belongingness
SECTION 18 Society And Social Pressure
SECTION 19 Sense And Sensibility
SECTION 20 Strength And Success
SECTION 21 Wit And Humour