Environmental Studies

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Pulak Kumar Patra
2018, 416pp
Papercover, 9789385883118
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The book is a discourse on our current environmental concerns and is tailored to fulfill the requirements of UGC prescribed curriculum on ‘Environmental Studies’ for all undergraduate courses. It will also be helpful to the students appearing in competitive examinations and to any common reader interested to grasp the fundamental aspects of the environment. The book has adopted some novel features and approaches improving upon the already available books in the subject.

The book is divided into seven chapters through which the basic concepts and concerns related to natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, environmental pollution as well as social issues related to environment and sustainable development have been presented in a cogent and lucid manner. The cause and effects of the problems associated with natural resource depletion and environmental degradation in both local and global scales as well as our approaches to solve these problems have been dealt with a straightforward, unambiguous manner with most up-to-date information.

The book is replete with a number of case studies, examples, illustrations and tabular information to help the reader grasp the content easily. Learning objectives, chapter summary, MCQs, and descriptive questions have been incorporated in each chapter for quick recap of the subject matter.

Dr. Pulak Kumar Patra, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.

1 Introduction

2 Natural Resources

3 Ecosystems

4 Biodiversity and its Conservation

5 Environmental Pollution and Hazards

6 Social issues and the Environment

7 Human Population and Environment

Appendix-A Keys to MCQs
Appendix-B Abbreviations
Appendix-C Environmental Calendar
Appendix-D Themes of World Environment Day
Appendix-E Environmental Information Disseminating Organisations
Appendix-F Home Pages of Some Important Indian Environmental & Conservation Agencies
Appendix-G Glossary