Liberalization and Indian Textile Industry

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S. Kasi and P. Balamurugan
2016, 170pp
Hardbound, 9788193033326
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The economic reforms initiated in 1991 introduced far-reaching measures, which changed the working and machinery of the economy. The reforms have unlocked India’s enormous growth potential and unleashed powerful entrepreneurial forces. Indian textile industry, until the economic liberalization of Indian economy was predominantly an unorganized industry. The textile and clothing sector is an important one in the Indian economy. Textiles and clothing sector has been significant in India’s export basket as well as largest generator of employment.

The economic liberalization of Indian economy in the early 1990s led to stupendous growth of this Indian industry. Further, phasing out of quotas on textiles trade in 2005 on textile exports from India and its competing countries led to increased trade in textiles.

An attempt has been made in the book to analyze the impact of trade liberalization and textile policies on growth, factor productivities, sources of productivity growth and technical progress of Indian textile industry during pre- and post-liberalization period and post-MFA regime. It is well intended to study inter and intra-product group growth in the pre- and post-liberalization and post-MFA regime and to estimate partial and total factor productivity.

Another important objective is to study and formulate development strategies for the textile industry. This book concludes with some policy measures to make the Indian textiles industry globally competitive for enhancing the exports of textiles and clothing from our country. This book will be useful for students, researchers, and policymakers.

Dr S. Kasi is working as an Assistant Professor and teaching economics at Thiagarajar College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Dr P. Balamurugan is working as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Central University of Tamil Nadu (CUTN), Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.

1 Indian Textile Industry
• Introduction
• Indian Textile Industry
• History of Indian Textile Industry
• Structure of Indian Textile Industry
• Major Problems of Indian Textile Industry
• Objective
• Method and Limitation

2 Theoretical Perspective
• Introduction
• Economic Reforms and Industrial Productivity: A Theoretical
• Perspective
• Growth Model
• Factor Productivity
• Technology and Technical Progress

3 Growth of Textile Industries
• Introduction
• Growth Indicators and Product Groups of the Textile Industry
• Comparative Analysis of the Overall Growth Rate
• Major Inferences

4 Factor Productivity in Textile Industries
• Introduction
• Partial Factor Productivity
• Capital-Labour Ratio
• Total Factor Productivity
• Major Inferences

5 Technology and Technical Progress of Textile Industry
• Introduction
• Technical Progress in Pre-Liberalization Period
• Technical Progress in Post-Liberalization Period
• Technical Progress in Pre-Liberalization Period
• Technology Parameters: Pre- and Post-Liberalization Period and
• Post MFA Regime
• Conclusion

6 Concluding Remarks and Way Ahead
• Introduction
• Policy Shift and Its Impact on Growth
• Impact on Partial Factor Productivity
• Impact on Total Factor Productivity
• Technical Progress and MRS
• Major Reflections of the Study
• Ways Ahead