Mirrored Dew

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Rabinarayan Dash and Annwesh Mukherjee
2017, 108pp
Paperback, 9789385883446
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About the Book


The book “Mirrored Dew” is an example of variations in seasons, moods and expressions. It captures an array of human emotions, makes connections to nature and its various seasons, reconnects to the different qualities of inner soul. The poet and the artist have only one metaphor – the dew. The poems are as simple, reflective and diverse as the dew. As the dew travels through forms, states and seasons so do the poems. As the simplicity of humanity unfolds through the dews, the illustrations add further simplicity to them. To the lovers of pure, simple and charming creations and to the believers of non-extravagant, just-sufficient and heart-warming expressions, Mirrored Dew is a perfect gift!




“I always said that ‘Poetry is music translated into words’,  but after reading this master piece and after being studying Annwesh’s sketches, I would, without any hesitation, say that their mutual work is a great symphony.”

 Harry Paulnitz, Swedish Impressionist Artist

Rabinarayan Dash is an accomplished and prolific poet and author who has published creative works in English, Swedish and Oriya. His works have appeared in numerous literary magazines, newspapers and published collections. His recent English poetry Clinical Trials is published by Studera Press. By profession, he is a senior consultant rheumatologist practicing in Sweden.

Annwesh Mukherjee, born and educated in French colonial town of Chandannagar near Kolkata, is software engineer working with IT solution in Lund city, Sweden. He has published a book of short stories in Bengali.