Modern Life and Stress

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Pratibha Goyal, Alok Chakrawal
2019, 248pp
Papercover, 9789385883767
Rs. 350.00
Hardcover, 9789385883910

The book – Modern Life and Stress – reveals various vicissitudes of a modern man who is swayed by materialism all around him and is running blindly for accumulating money. He runs at a faster pace to be ahead of others and in the process adopts shortcuts ignoring all principles of finer human values. He neglects his family, friends and neighbours and ultimately his search for happiness in money and acquisition of palatial house, fleet of big cars, branded apparels and other costly products turns out to be an illusion. Happiness actually lies not in greed but in contentment, hard work and service of others. This book helps the readers develop positive attitude and overcome stress which is a common phenomenon today.