National Question in India: Communist Party of India Documents 1942-47

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T.G. Jacob
2017, 260pp
Hardcover, 9789385883361
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About the Book

The Communist parties today have adopted a somewhat different perspective on the national question in the subcontinent from earlier days of the fateful pre-1947 period. After an initial neglect of this crucial question, in the wake of the Pakistan demand by the Muslim League the CPI began to uphold the right of self-determination of various nationalities including their right to secede within the framework of a united India.

Post-independence the Communist parties have become staunch upholders of “national integration.” While analyzing these positional changes the Introduction by T.G. Jacob throws light on contemporary aspects of the national question, which is in the forefront of political dynamics.

T.G. Jacob was educated in Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi. His first book, “India: Development and Deprivation,” considered a pioneering work on the character of state in post-1947 India, was published when he was a research scholar at JNU. Subsequent books include “Chaos in Nation Formation, Case of Punjab”; “Tales of Tourism from Kovalam”; “Reflections on the Caste Question” (with Pranjali Bandhu); “Wayanad, Misery in an Emerald Bowl”; and “Left to Right, Decline of Communism in India”. He is an experienced journalist and writes in Malayalam and English newspapers and journals. Political economy with an interdisciplinary approach is his area of specialization.

He is co-founder of South Asia Study Centre (SASC) in Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. The Centre has the objective of executing research programmes focusing on national, ethnic, religious and minority questions in South Asia and related issues of caste, gender and the rights of the indigenous peoples.