The Next Big Thing

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Marcus Bussey
2019, 172pp
Paperback, 9789385883958
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Here in your hands you have a book of my poetry and reflections. It’s strange to state this, as words for me are phantom things that hint at deeper realities, and poetry has always been at the heart of my thinking. Not the mechanics of words and intentions, structure and word play, but the penumbral possibilities that lurk alongside metaphor, cultural clues and organic being.


“Marcus makes home in academia. Yet, on these pages he shares his poet’s eyes. Through them we sense the
shimmering of a Light. He is the kind of professor that I want, one whose body and spirit are an equal match for his keen intellect!”

– Cynthia Winton-Henry (InterPlay Co-Founder and author of Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey and Move: What the Body Wants)

The Next Big Thing! is an important work of love and a call to realize more in our self, society, culture, world and cosmos in our times.

– Ananta Kumar Giri (author of Knowledge and Human Liberation: Towards Planetary Realizations)

“Oh I have no reason to be in this world / if all around me the appearances of things, / as though created long ago just for this, / aren’t delighting, from somewhere far off, inside / me.”

Rilke surely had Marcus Bussey in mind when he wrote these lines. I mean the delight of the “universal infrastructure,” the “ubiquitous divinity” (Bussey calls it) in something as commonplace as the poet’s new doormat:

“I felt my heart expand at some new opening / ‘Possibility’, I thought, ‘is being invited.’ “Possibility” being another name for the grace that continuously “roll[s] over my being / like glacial slabs / scouring my consciousness.” A grace “so common as to be forever overlooked, / so obvious that it has become invisible.”

If Jesus had been a poet free of the expectations of disciples and the throng, this is the book he would have written.

– Calvin Luther Martin [author of The Way of the Human Being (Yale)]

Marcus Bussey is a shape-shifter! He moves between being an academic at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia; a cultural worker; a proponent of body wisdom; a joy-bringer and a futurist facilitator. He works with groups around the world on releasing blocks, generating visions, finding meaning and working towards richer and more inclusive futures for the planet. In these areas he draws on aesthetic and embodied processes to enliven the spirit and challenge the violences of social structure. One tool, evident in this book of poetry, is that Bussey works with cultural metaphor and draws on creative traditionalism to ground consciousness in action. He feels ‘it’s time’ to engage a broad planetary cultural citizenship, in which the human stands in solidarity with the nonhuman in a relationship of neohumanist love. Bussey has published widely and regularly travels around the world running workshops, giving talks and asserting that the Next Big Thing is the discovery of the power of embodied spiritual action as the cornerstone of both individual and collective transformation.

Foreword by Ananta Giri

It’s Time!
My Voice
Orpheus Rising
A New Renaissance
The Next Big Thing
Core Philosophy
White on White
Kali Sastra
Vale Gurrumul!
Scholars and Poets
Akhenaten’s Garden
Passing Poems
CLA of the Gods
His Office
The Letter
The Secret
Refusal as Counter Movement
Form and Stillness
The Pact
Thoughts for Mother’s Day 1997
The Wave
Morning Song
Evening Thought
Train Reverie
Two Trees
Year’s End
Those Bastard Heavens!
Four Poems to Celebrate
Reflection on Religion
The Cosmic Link
Grief My Teacher
To My Door Mat, With Thanks
The Inward Path
It Is You…
Easter Vigil
Smudge and Thunder
Before Bosch’s Haywain
For Life is on him wasted (1979)
On the Eve of War, Again
Magnificat (For Monteverdi)
That Music
Sometimes so Easy
Odysseus in the Arcade
A Moment
The Poet’s Lament
Two Lunatic Songs
I Have a Secret Place
Clare and Francis: Conservations of Divine Love
Canto 1 Love’s Troubadours
Canto 2 The Wings of Love
Canto 3 Bold Love and Greedy
Canto 4 Hot Love and Cool
Canto 5 The Company of Lovers
Canto 6 The Will of Love
Canto 7 The Marks of Love
Canto 8 Two Specks of Love

Existence is Measured in Heartbeats

Afterword by Cynthia Winton-Henry