Professional Ethics

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S.D. Chamola
2017, 280pp
Hardcover, 9789385883378
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About the Book

The social structure of a society and its various components are run by professional in various fields such as doctors, lawyers, business scientists, politicians, engineers and so on. The contemporary world is facing many ethical dilemmas. The idea is that professionals engaged in these professions should be able to resolve the dilemmas of ethical and unethical activities and act ethically for the happiness of the society in which they operate and live.

The main objective of the book is to suggest ways and means of promoting ethical behaviour and activities in important professions of our society. The major professions discussed include: medical, science and technology, agriculture, political and economic governance, media, Information and communication technology, environment and teaching and research. The book will be useful for academicians and professionals.

S.D. Chamola is currently working as an independent researcher based in Hisar, Haryana, India.

1. Profession and Professional Ethics
S.D. Chamola

2. Principles of Medical Ethics And Issues Related to Their Implementation
Om Prakash

3. Medical Ethical Codes, Oaths And Contemporary Concerns in Medical Ethics
Ramesh Chander

4. Ethics in Medicine: Historical Perspective and Contemporary Concern
Madhu Nagla

5. Biotechnology and Bioethics: Where Are We Going?
Neelam R. Yadav and Ram C. Yadav

6. Agriculture Ethics: Concept and Issues
S.D. Chamola

7. Ethics in Plant Breeding
Prem Sagar

8. Organic Farming and Ethics
R.K. Nanwal, Pawan Kumar and Cleto Naoobe

9. The Concept of Good Governance: Indian Perspective
Dinesh Arora

10. Governance in India: Design of New Institutional Set-Up
D.K. Sud

11. India’s Sustainable Growth Vision: Technology and Ethical Governance
H.L. Verma

12. Ethics in Journalism: Transitional Phase
Devendra Uppal

13. Media Ethics and Indian Experience
Girijashankar Samuwal

14. Moral and Ethical Issues in Libraries and Information Science
Bhanu Partap

15. Ethics and Ethical Codes in Library and Information Science
Bhanu Partap and Balwan Singh

16. Research Ethics in Social Sciences
Savita Vermani

17. Compatibility Between Ethics and Business: A Conceptual Discussion
R.C. Sharma

18. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
S.D. Batra S.D. Chamola

19. Three Facets of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy
S.D. Chamola