Special Economic Zones in India: Challenges and Prospects

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Nidheesh K.B.
2016, 156pp
Hardcover, 9788193033371
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Special economic zones have risen up as a great academic and professional value especially after the globalization of Indian economy. This is one of the most burning and crucial issue of political economy particularly in India. This book deals with the details of working of special economic zones in developing countries in general and in India, particularly. It covers the details of evolution of zones, special economic zones policy reforms in India, administrative set up and performance of Indian SEZs. The strength of the book lies in social cost and benefit analysis of special economic zones in India. Social cost benefit analysis is intended to find out the net social result of the project. The net social result of a zone may be beneficial or costly based upon the capacity and efficiency of the project.

Various issues prevailing in Indian special economic zones are also highlighted in the book. The book has been divided into eight well written and documented chapters. The book is rich both in terms of nature and contents, and has covered almost all the aspects directly or indirectly related to special economic zones in India. The conclusions are highly revealing and may serve a better cause for the improved performance of Indian special economic zones in years to come.

This book may serve as an eye opener for the planners and policy makers. It is also useful to the researchers and students for their academic purpose.

Dr Nidheesh K.B., Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India.

1 Introduction to Economic Zones
• Introduction
• Evolution of Zones
• Evolution of Indian Zones
• Difference between Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones
• Summary
• Case Study

2 Performance Evaluation of SEZs
• Performance Evaluation of Zone
• Socio- Economic Issues
• Social Cost Benefits Analysis
• Conclusion

3 SEZs in India
• Introduction
• Special Economic Zone Policy Reforms
• Categories of Special Economic Zones in India
• Central Government Sponsored SEZs
• Services Provided to Indian SEZs
• Sub-Contracting of SEZs Works
• Summary

4 Administrative Set Up of SEZs in India
• Introduction
• Management of SEZs in India
• Institutional Setup for Management of SEZs in India
• Approval Mechanism of SEZs in India
• Procedure for Setting up a Unit in SEZs in India
• Export Procedure for Goods Transfer from SEZs
• Import and Procurement
• Summary
• Case Study

5 Performance of SEZs in India

• Introduction
• Growth of Indian SEZs
• Exports from Indian SEZs
• Employment Created in Indian SEZs
• Mobilization of Investments by Indian SEZs
• Summary
• Case Study

6 Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Indian SEZs
• Introduction
• Social Cost and Benefit from Special Economic Zone
• Components of Social Costs Benefit Analysis
• Social Cost and Benefit Analysis of SEZ
• Analysing Social Cost and Benefit of SEZ
• Summary
• Case Study

7 Issues and Sustainability of SEZs in India
• Introduction
• Issues in Indian SEZs
• Experts Views on Indian SEZs
• Sustainability of SEZs in India
• Summary
• Case Study

8 Challenges and Policy Suggestions
• Introduction
• Obstacles Involved in Indian SEZs Operations
• Policy Suggestions
• Conclusion