The Tibetan Saga for National Liberation

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P. Bandhu
Paperback, 9788190061520
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The book presents a holistics, historical and interdisciplinary view of Tibetan society and Tibet’s status as a dismembered internal colony of China. The economic, political and cultural aspects; environemntal issues; healthcare and educational provisions are all comprehensively dealt with to elucidate this reality. Delving into the historical evolution of The Tibetan nation, the point is made that a once independent Tibet needs freedom and democracy to recuperate from its brutal mauling by Chinese claws and maws. The Tibetan resistance movement is very much alive and autonomy status within the present-day Chinese state is not likely to resolve the issue of Tibet’s occupation and exploitation.

Dr. P. Bandhu, Freelance Researcher and Writer, and Founding Member of South Asia Study Center, Nilgris, India.

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